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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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DEAR WEST,                                   Florence, July 81, 1740. N.S.
I have advised with the most notable antiquarians of tl city on the meaning of TJmr gut Luetis. I can get no sat factory interpretation. In my opinion 'tis Welsh. I doi love offering conjectures on a language in which I ha hitherto made little proficiency, but I will trust you wi my explication. You know the famous Aglaughlan, moth of Cadwalladhor, was renowned for her conjugal virtues, a] grief on the death of her royal spouse. I conclude tl medal was struck in her regency, by her express order, the memory of her lord, and that the inscription Tliur Q Luetis means no more than her dear Llewis or Llewellin.
In return for your coins I send you two or three different kinds. The first is a money of one of the kin of Naples; the device, a horse; the motto, Eguitas regi This curious pun is on a coin in the Great Duke's collectio and by great chance I have met with a second. Anoth is a satirical medal struck on Lewis XIV. ; 'tis a bom covered with flower-de-luces, bursting; the motto, , ipsissimo. The last, and almost the only one I ever sa with a text well applied, is a German medal with a rebellio town besieged and blocked up ; the inscription, This kind not expelled fatt 'by fasting.
Now I mention medals, have they yet struck the intend* one on the taking of Porto Bello ? Admiral Vernona w: shine in our medallic history. We have just received tl news of the bombarding Carthagena2, and the takii
LKTTEB  34.—i Admiral   Edward     the coasts of Kent and Sussex.  St
Vernon. (1684-1757), for some years     sequently (owing to a dispute wi
after this event highly popular with     the Admiralty)   he   was   dismiss
the mob.   He displayed great ability     from the navy. during the rebellion of 1745, when        2 Unsuccessfully   bombarded
he was charged with the defence of     Admiral Vernon, March 6-9, 1740